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Central Heating

Providing you with 5/5 Rated Service.


Aberdeen & North-East Heating is an accredited installer of all Worcester Bosch Central Heating Systems, and can offer a seven year parts and labour guarantee on all Worcester Bosch Oil (and gas boiler’s up to 12 years in warranty on selected Boilers) and central heating installations. Central heating systems power flushed, Boiler replacements and upgrades, Gas and oil central heating systems, Bosch condensing boilers, Intelligent controls.


Warmth made-to-measure with the best regulation response through the minimal water content and the best heat generation in low temperature operation, The aluminium radiator is CONSIDRABLEY LIGHTER than conventional steel models, and this makes the wall-mounting much easier, Due to its corrosion resistance, an aluminium radiator is guaranteed to give a long life of service. The precious material aluminium NEVER RUSTS, The stoving varnished surface of radiators is shock- and scratch-resistant, The smooth surfaces are antistatic, and so are EASY TO CLEAN, Rounded edges prevent injury to children, Radiators can be used at low temperatures, and they are never hot, and so they are healthier. It means: any time warm to touch, available in many colours.